Unique insight into the evolution of competitive online gaming

In 2006, Strategy Star built the first incarnation of Legit-Proof.com which is an archive of teams, players, and matches from several popular online gaming leagues. The data has been maintained for over a decade and it provides a unique snapshot to the early days of competitive online gaming.

The first league which was integrated with the Legit-Proof archive was Cyberathlete Ameteur League (CAL). CAL was generous enough to provide daily XML snapshots of its data. The data processing software that Strategy Star developed for Legit-Proof consumed well over a million records in to the archive. CAL ceased operations in 2009; however, Legit-Proof still provides a nostalgic memory of the golden days of childhood for tens of thousands of gamers around the world that played in the CAL online league.

On February 22, 2009, CAL ceased online operations. At its peak CAL was one of the largest online gaming leagues in North America with 20,000 teams and over 600,000 registered players.

Source: Wikipedia

Data archiving for Legit-Proof did not end with CAL. The data processing software was expanded from consuming XML data to also consume CSV and WebCrawler data feeds from the Cyberevolution (CEVO), Xtreme Professional League (XPL), and E-Sports Entertainment (ESEA). CEVO and ESEA continue their online gaming operations to present day.

The Legit-Proof database contains data for many different games, but the Counter-Strike community has always been the most avid group using the website. Players and teams use the archived data as a sort of online gaming resume service, to validate the experience of potential new team mates as well as opponents.

Legit-Proof.com has been servicing the gaming community for such a long time that someone eventually gave it a mention in Valve’s official SteamID wiki page.