Finding youth sports players, teams, and leagues is easy

In 2010, we developed and launched the SelectAndUnite matchmaking platform for youth sports. Its mission was to help coaches, parents, and players to discover and contact each other while giving youth leagues a platform for targeted communication.

We deployed the platform to test and production environments and continued to maintain and manage the stack until 2016.

The core features of the platform were:

  • Matchmaking Algorithm for creating suitability Scores between coaches, players, and teams
  • Privacy-first and mobile-ready portal for coaches and parents to
    • parents to create profiles for their young athletes
    • coaches to create profiles for their teams
    • all parties to discover and contact each other guided by suitability Scores
  • Subscription system with payment processing through Authorize.Net and PayPal

We built the platform with open source software including PHP, MySQL, Apache HTTP Server, Kohana Framework, and Bootstrap.