Mumble VoIP hosting with instant deployment cloud infrastructure

It was a pleasure working with the myMumble management team to bring their vision to life with a Mumble hosting platform with instant server deployments and automatic cloud scaling using the world wide server network from VPS.NET

We built a custom PHP and MySQL powered website and integrated it with WHMCS, a state of the art e-commerce system. We deployed a cloud server infrastructure with automatic scaling features along with custom software that deploys Mumble instances in real-time virtually anywhere in the world.

Shortly after launch, the system was put to the ultimate test with an explosive marketing campaign. Within a few weeks, the system handled and deployed over 30,000 Mumble instances. Everything held up!

The software we developed was able to initialize new servers in the cloud in real-time and deploy all the necessary software for Mumble hosting all by itself. We probably achieved the fastest Mumble provisioning on the market.