An online portal for Scholarship Schools

On March 13th we launched the new website for Scholarship Schools, a charter school with a university-inspired college scholarship concept which was founded by former California Senator Gloria Romero and a long time educator and veteran charter school operator Jason Watts. Check the official History page to learn more about the California school.

We built an all-in-one portal solution that powers both the organization’s primary website as well as sub-domains where the school specific portals live. Teachers and administrators got an admin panel where they can login to manage content for their pages in real-time. Parents and students got a mobile-ready interface for receiving the latest updates, contacting teachers, and submitting enrollment applications.

We built the system with the latest and greatest open-source technologies utilizing the LAMP stack.

  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Apache
  • Composer
  • Symfony Framework
  • Bootstrap
  • jQuery

The web server sits behind DNS protection and content delivery powered by CloudFlare. The web server is hosted by our trusted, long time server partner LADedicated.